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    29 Reasons Why Melbourne Is The World’s Most Liveable City

    Melbourne is consistently crowned Earth's most liveable city. Here's why.

    1. World-class architecture.

    2. Hipsters.

    The most out there hipsters on Earth.

    3. Unorthodox solutions.

    4. Leftfield thinking.

    5. Shit like this.

    6. Stoicism in difficult times.

    7. Strict adherence to the rules.

    8. Huge respect for rules generally.

    9. Even the police take the piss.

    10. The world's greatest comedy festival.

    11. A city where this kind of thing is an everyday sight.

    12. The best taxi drivers on Earth.

    13. Trams. With cool ads.

    14. Trams that take no prisoners.

    15. Antique chairs on trains.

    16. Boobs on trains.

    17. Basically the best transport system in the nation.

    18. And the best shops too.

    19. Unpredictable climate = makes life fun.

    What's not to like?

    20. Australian Rules Football: no city on Earth is so devoted to a game that no one else even plays

    21. Even if you're one of the few dissenters, Melbourne looks out for you.

    22. The Race That Stops A Nation.

    23. What other city takes a four day holiday for a race?

    24. And celebrates like this?

    25. And sleeps it off like this?

    26. Mind blowing graffiti.

    27. Kids who think out the box.

    28. Even when it's grey, it's beautiful.

    29. Melbourne, you're the best.