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    13 Reasons Why Australia Won Christmas Day 2013

    No snow fell, so we hit the beach (again). How was yours?

    1. This is how we spent Christmas Day.

    2. This is what we woke up to.

    3. This is what we ate.

    4. This is what we drank.

    5. This is how we decorated our tree.

    (Some people had to work, poor things)

    6. This is how Santa arrived.

    (Some swore they saw him at Bondi)

    Wherever he went, he did it Aussie style.

    7. This is how families spent the day.

    8. This is how our dogs celebrated.

    9. This is how our prawns chilled out.

    10. These are the cakes we baked.

    11. This is how we worked off lunch.

    12. This is how backpackers partied.

    13. That's how our Christmas looked.

    No snow here.

    It was kind of tough.

    Merry Christmas from the land Down Under!

    Have a WONDERFUL DAY wherever you are!

    Maybe see you next year?

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