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    23 Reasons Why Coal Is The Fuel Of The 21st Century

    Environmental apocalypse? Epic social media fail? Pledge your support via #australiansforcoal

    The Minerals Council of Australia have inadvertently set Twitter alight with the hashtag #australiansforcoal.

    Thousands of responses saw the hashtag top Twitter's list of trending topics.

    The debacle joins the pantheon of social media fails.

    Here's why we need more coal, according to Twitter.

    1. For the children.

    #australiansforcoal because our kids deserve the best bushfires, droughts, & cyclones money can buy #leardblockade

    Seriously, they deserve a future.

    Because our kids deserve a great job, with a bright future. #australiansforcoal

    2. For the fish.

    3. For Mordor.

    Because Mordor looks cool #australiansforcoal

    4. For tourism.

    Because coal is helping turn Australian communities into Mordor, which helps tourism #AustraliansForCoal

    5. For the weather.

    i am bored with the coastlines being where they are and wish there was more violent weather and thats why i'm supporting #australiansforcoal

    6. For the factories.

    Because why wouldn't you want more of this in your life? #australiansforcoal

    7. For the workers.

    Aussie workers are ecstatic about the prospect of being reliant on coal mining forever. #australiansforcoal

    8. For the jobs.

    Because of all the flow-on jobs: climate scientists, emergency services workers, health workers, corruption officials...#australiansforcoal

    9. For the beautiful views.

    I support #australiansforcoal Who wouldn't want this view from their horse stud or vineyard?

    10. For the property market.

    I’ve always wanted beachfront property even though I live inland #australiansforcoal

    11. For The Lucky Country.

    #australiansforcoal because Australia is "The Lucky Country"

    12. For the climate.

    #australiansforcoal Because we are tough blokes

    13. For the scary Greg Hunt memes.

    Forever and ever… #australiansforcoal

    14. For the fashionistas.

    Because coal is the new black #australiansforcoal

    15. For the Christmas Pressies.

    Xmas was great for me as a kid... whether I was naughty or nice I always got what I wanted. #australiansforcoal <3

    Seriously, think of Santa.

    Do environmentalists know that Santa uses 150 tonnes of coal? Anti-coalies fail! LOL #AustraliansForCoal @Austs4Coal

    16. For Gina.

    Think of poor Gina.

    Blessed are the daughters of battler mining billionaires, for they will inherit the coal. #australiansforcoal

    17. For all the billionaires.

    Coal pollution: because 10/10 mining billionaires CAN'T be wrong! #australiansforcoal

    18. For the scientists.

    9/10 scienticians agree that particulate matter make you healthier and better-looking! #Australiansforcoal

    19. For the talking shops.

    Because what harm could another 100 years do? #australiansforcoal @Austs4Coal (Sculpture by Issac Cordal)

    20. For the hashtags.

    Because #australiansforcoal scans better than #minersshippingprofitsoffshorewhileheatingtheplanetandgivingaustraliaworsebushfiresmoreoften

    21. For the hi-tech future.

    I want to be part of the hi-tech future and live like a Rinehart #australiansforcoal

    22. Because wind farms suck.

    I'm with #australiansforcoal because wind farms are such a blight on the landscape (see horizon).

    23. And solar energy is stupid.

    Because you'd have to be pretty stupid to support renewable energy #australiansforcoal @Austs4Coal