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29 Times Australia Was Way, Way Too Real

When your burn is so bad you can’t even sit down.

1. When you forget to slip, slop, slap.

2. When your burn is so bad you can't even sit down.

3. When the weather forecast looks like this.

4. When it really starts to crank.

5. When your phone is literally melting.

6. When you leave a thong in the car.

7. When it's too hot to drive.

8. When it's too hot to sleep.

9. When this is the only way of handling it.

10. When you have a thong blow-out.

11. When you split your bag mid-session.

12. When you fuck up your ginger beer.

13. When you can't even afford water at the cinema.

14. When you need to poop but it's occupied.

15. When you decide you don't need to poop after all.

16. When your mate steals your food.

17. When you're too scared to go outside.

18. When you can't make it back inside.

19. When you get the feeling you're being watched.

20. When the specials are nothing special, again.

21. When you can't decide which flavour to go for.

22. When this disaster occurs.

23. Or even worse, this.

24. When you go to the beach.

25. When the beach seemed a pretty dumb idea actually.

26. When your bad day just got worse.

27. When you have to fill our your insurance claim.

28. When you're discriminated against again and again.

29. And when you start wondering what the rest of the world knows Australia doesn't.

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