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    21 Ways You Know You're A Bogan

    Can you sprint in thongs or uggies? Find out if you're a bogan.

    1. This is your advent calendar.

    2. You own one of these.

    3. But this is even better.

    4. You live here.

    5. This is your day-to-day vocabulary.

    Word cloud of most frequently posted words on

    6. This is how much you care about grammar.

    7. You use these all year, not just on Australia Day

    8. Your car is customised.

    9. You have the plates to prove it.

    10. Your car has more than five of these features.

    11. You sport this with pride.

    12. When you get married, you hire one of these.

    13. You have balls of steel.

    14. This is how you mow your backyard.

    15. This is your Bible.

    16. This was your favourite book as a kid.

    17. This is your idea of a decent night out

    18. Your toilet looks like this.

    19. You only ever post one comment.

    20. "Gizz a durry, ya moll" is a perfectly acceptable greeting.

    21. Your daily attire = stubbies and a singlet.

    Straya Cunt!

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