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19 Animals Who Said "Fuck This" In 2015

"What the fuckedy fuck is this?"

1. This bloke who couldn't be fucked dealing with your shit.

2. This Mum who was no fucking way paying for milk.

3. This lady who was no way paying for an Uber.

Flickr: ifindkarma / Creative Commons

4. This larrikin who had way too much goon.

5. This party animal who forgot his fucking keys.

6. This guy who had a VERY big night.

7. This dude who wrote the rulebook on chill.

8. This lady who was so goddamn chilled.

9. This koala who figured she'd take control.

10. This lady who didn't give a shit about her electricity bill.

11. This guy who wanted us off his fucking block.

12. This guy who thought arachnophobes were fucking chickens.

13. This chicken who didn't give a shit you thought she was a walking cliche.

14. This kitty who got a map of Australia tattooed wherever the fuck she liked.

15. This guy who was so over books.

16. This bather who took an early morning dip after a hot fucking night.

Amy Garraway

17. This guy who can swim in whichever pool he fucking liked.

18. This beach-lover who forgot his fucking towel.

19. And this legend who was seriously unimpressed with your shit.

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