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This Kid Ate A Whole Watermelon At The Cricket And Became A Huge Star

The first Australian hero of 2016 ‪#‎watermelonboy‬.

A boy brought a watermelon to Melbourne's Big Bash cricket derby, and became an instant legend.

He started early, and a hashtag was born.

#WatermelonBoy spotted at #WBBL01!

Soon pics of a younger #watermelonboy emerged.

@tensporttv He did start young #watermelonboy #BBL05 #BBL

People felt they'd seen him somewhere before.

Some started wondering how he was getting home.

@tensporttv #WatermelonBoy transport home #WBBL01

His highlights reel was quite something.

Wondering what #WatermelonBoy is all about - here's his best bits #SeedsSkinAndAll

Journalists speculated what he was up to.

Relax, the young fella is only making himself a new helmet #watermelonboy #BBL

Soon stores were selling out of watermelons.

Dear #watermelonboy you have inspired me to go to my local green grocer to get me some @tensporttv

Not bad kid, not bad. 🍉 🍉 🍉 🍉 🍉 🍉

Here is the final effort from #watermelonboy @tensporttv @mcg @BBL

#watermelonboy, bringing people together since January 2, 2016.

Something about a young boy eating a watermelon bringing cricket fans and non-fans together gives me hope for 2016. #watermelonboy

PS: #watermelonboy strutted his stuff at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, in front of a record Big Bash League crowd of 80,883 😍.

STARS WIN! What a night at the @MCG! Outstanding knock from Luke Wright to finish with 109* #BBL05

Update 08:45 AEDT, January 3: #watermelonboy, aka 10-year-old Mitchell Schebeci, appeared on The Today Show on Sunday morning, still eating. Basically, he did it for the LOLs.