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    29 Times Tumblr Saw Australia And Said Nope

    Australia is batshit insane, and so is Tumblr.

    1. It knows Australia breeds 'em tough.

    2. It's a fan of take-no-shit Aussies.

    3. It's warm and welcoming.

    4. It revels in our amazing wildlife.

    5. Particularly when it thinks outside the box.

    6. It tells you the best places to dine.

    7. It believes miracles can happen.

    8. It knows its history.

    9. And its pre-history.

    10. It's got a lot of time for battlers.

    11. It loves the monarchy.

    12. It's got impeccable news sense.

    13. It knows WTF when it sees it.

    14. It's got good vacation ideas.

    15. It knows all the best swim spots.

    16. It knows the best places to go shopping.

    17. It's full of useful safety advice.

    18. Really useful safety advice.

    19. Like Stay Out Of The Water.

    20. You got that?

    21. Maybe just stay away full stop?

    22. Consider yourself warned.

    23. It can't believe we actually exist.

    24. It knows that heaven is a place called Australia.

    25. Particularly if you're an animal lover.

    26. Though not the difference between crocodiles and alligators.

    27. (Crocs are the ones that take you hostage)

    28. It knows Australia's true weirdness is best viewed from outside.

    29. Ah Tumblr, you just know.