24 People Who Walked The Line And Came Out Smiling

Fortune favors the brave. H/T this Reddit.

1. This effortlessly cool traffic accident survivor.

2. This precision logger demonstrating his smarts.

3. This remarkable rail grinder.

4. This guy who knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

5. This cyclist who needed a rest.

6. This guy who always lands on his feet.

7. This victory from the jaws of defeat.

8. This perfect dismount.

9. This guy deciding cars are better than bikes.

10. This life after death experience.

11. This guy totally nailing his big moment.

12. This next level ninja.

13. This cartwheelers time out.

14. This guy caught between a rock and a hard place.

15. This guy who showed his mates how to roll.

16. This King of All Bowling.

17. This dude who hates elevators.

18. This wet and wild finale.

19. This EVEN WETTER AND WILDER landing.

20. This fabulous finish.

21. This (then) totally legal move.

22. This kid who is a better gymnast than you will ever be.

23. This dude turning the lights out.

24. And this GLORIOUS glider.

Perfect Landers Of The World, We Salute You!

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