23 Movies For Australia’s Prime Minister, As Suggested By Twitter

Crap night on the telly? It’s time for #TonysMovieNight.

1. As you may have heard, Aussie PM Tony Abbott and his government have been pissing people off.

2. Some see something sinister in the LNP leader.

3. And a lot of broken pre-election promises.

4. Treasurer Joe Hockey’s controversial budget is the cause of the current furore.

5. Twitter has been acting as a kind of therapists couch for those opposed to the government.

6. Last night was #TonysMovieNight.


— Sue English (@soozviews)

7. There was some pretty on point Photoshop.

"Ocean's Eleventy" - #TonysMovieNight #AusPol

— Kiera (@KieraGorden)

8. And some clever wordplay.

Jack Nicholson rightly won an Academy Award for this extraordinary portrayal #TonysMovieNight

— Maj Tom Hartney MBS (@mrtomhartney)

9. Adventure.

Raiders of the Lost Arse https://t.co/Swwf5XyTVi #TonysMovieNight

— Winker Tiny Abbitt (@geeksrulz)

10. Comedy.

Lindsay Lohan thoroughly investigates "Labor's Mess". #TonysMovieNight

— Tim Leggoe, esq. (@leggoet)

11. Fantasy.

Baron Abbotthausen #TonysMovieNight

— Ein Mensch (@menschwithsense)

12. Historical Drama.

Master and Commander via @GeorgeBludger #tonysmovienight

— Winker Tiny Abbitt (@geeksrulz)

13. Horror.

"ABBOTTSTEIN" #tonysmovienight

— Sir Pen Boy (@timosimo7)

14. Chick Flicks.

"Hairspray" starring Julia, Michaela & Bronwyn - #TonysMovieNight #AusPol

— Kiera (@KieraGorden)

15. Classics.

"The Lizard of Oz" - #TonysMovieNight #AusPol

— Kiera (@KieraGorden)

16. Vintage James Bond.

Tony Abbott is "Dr. No"! Now in Technicolor. https://t.co/1QAad1p50g #TonysMovieNight

— Winker Tiny Abbitt (@geeksrulz)

17. Crime Capers.

#TonysMovieNight Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Dickheads (decided my movie needed a poster) ;-)

— Sarah McCoy (@_RealMcCoy)

18. Old TV favourites.

The Abbott's Family #TonysMovieNight

— andrew (@astewartau)

19. And more…

Abbott in Wonderland #TonysMovieNight

— Ein Mensch (@menschwithsense)

20. …fantasy.

The Mad Abbot's Tea Party #TonysMovieNight

— Andrew McColm (@androomcc)

21. Plus seriously creepy psychological drama.

Eyes Wired Shut #TonysMovieNight

— Ranting Joe Hockey (@JoeHockeyRants)

22. Other aspects of government policy were also critiqued, including asylum seeker detention centres.

Only very sick men could think torturing children is a good thing #TonysMovieNight @vanbadham @Asher_Wolf #refugees

— Kingslayer (@2squig)

23. Twitter’s Verdict?

“The Devil Wears Lycra” #TonyAbbottFilms #AusPol

— Kiera (@KieraGorden)

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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