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The Place Where Space Is Closer Than The Nearest Town

Space is closer than the next roadhouse. Just another day in the Outback

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A road sign in Western Australia.

Distances in km. Warburton is 305 miles away.
CaptainKingy / Via

Distances in km. Warburton is 305 miles away.

Space is closer than the nearest town.

University of Sydney / Via

Space!? Yep. The Kármán line, 100km (62 miles) above sea level, commonly represents the boundary between Earth's atmosphere and outer space.

So, space is five times closer than Warburton.

Gseidel / Via

The sign is on the outskirts of Carnegie Station, WA.

Google Maps / Via

It marks the start of The Gunbarrel Highway.

Royal Automobile Club / Via

Carnegie Station is a long way from anywhere.

Google Maps / Via

The nearest city is Perth, 1320km away.

Better make sure you've got supplies.

Carnegie Station is the last fuel stop for 500km.

Check your tires too...

cuttlefish10 / Via

And maybe don't watch this before setting off.

Empire Online / Via

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