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The 42 Most Pure Dead Brilliantly Scottish Moments Ever

Och Aye The Noo.

1. This warm welcome.

2. This glorious sight.

3. This returning holiday-maker.

4. These Shetland ponies in jumpers.

5. This inspired bit of airport marketing.

6. This moment of national pride.

7. And this one.

8. This breakfast.

9. And this (slightly) healthier option.

10. The late night £5 culinary catastrophe/masterpiece known as The Munchy Box.

With bonus point for added Ginger.

11. This bumper sticker.

12. This emergency Pringles dispenser.

13. This friendly notice.

14. This border crossing.

15. This wedding kickabout.

16. This Scottish Prom celebration.

17. This inspired idea.

18. This Valentine's Special.

19. This attention to detail on The Simpsons.

20. The invention of the McCorona.

21. This selection of refreshing soft drinks.

22. This water dispenser.

23. This overzealous recycling.

24. This No Eating sign.

25. And this note for 600-year-old wankers.

26. This example of climate change.

27. This windy afternoon.

28. This thumbs-up.

29. This spectacular Hebridean vista.

30. This delivery truck.

31. The day leg warmers came back.

32. This sign outside Scotland's first Krispy Kreme.

33. This Special Offer.

34. And this one.

35. This mobile florist.

36. This out of action bus.

37. This sorry excuse for a rail delay.

38. This road sign.

39. This important democratic moment.

40. This Wee Eck photobomb.

41. This Royal seal of approval.

42. And this glorious sunset scene.