25 Things All Australians Will Find Funny

Warning: only sick c*nts will enjoy.

1. This man being punched in the head.

2. This important piece of breaking news.

3. This soft, safe toy.

4. This window sticker.

5. This guy waiting at the lights.

6. This proud ambassador of Australian values.

7. This unintentional irony.

8. This bumper sticker.

9. This anti-bikie crackdown on the Gold Coast.

10. This pot calling kettle black.

Huge lack of balance in UK media with 8000 BBC left wing journalists far outnumbering all national print journalists.

— Rupert Murdoch (@rupertmurdoch)

11. This church sign.

Gosford Anglican Church / Via imgur.com

12. This important announcement.

13. The time our Prime Minister explained to the rest of the world what was going on in Syria.

14. This tweet (from God).

15. This Easter message.

16. This backyard festival.

17. The problem with Australian TV at the moment.

18. This perfectly timed Ashes test match weather.

19. This triumph over adversity.

20. This tradie humour.

21. This hand dryer in Sydney.

22. This graffiti.

23. This KFC advert.

24. This poor man’s Golden Gaytime.

25. This. Every. Single. Time.

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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