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    27 Australians You Won't Believe Actually Exist

    These legends put the Straya in Austraya.

    1. This guy taking his sheep for a ride.

    2. This guy hauling out bull sharks.

    3. This guy mowing his backyard.

    4. These guys moving a fridge.

    5. These guys, moving beer.

    6. These guys, who basically DGAF about fridges.

    7. This guy taking it real easy.

    8. This guy boasting about who pimped his ride.

    9. This guy getting owned by a croc.

    10. This guy who hates feral wildlife.

    11. This guy just waiting for a mate.

    12. This guy finding new uses for goon.

    13. This guy, determined not to let the piss get wet.

    14. This guy who hates car journeys.

    15. These guys wake-boarding in floodwaters.

    16. This police rescue squad a bit out of their depth.

    17. These guys with an ignition issue.

    18. This confident fisho.

    19. This guy who recreated Cast Away.

    20. This guy who thought the show was Game of Cones.

    21. This guy who is a total badass.

    22. This guy cooling off in Sydney's Martin Place.

    23. This guy's epic six pack.

    24. This guy's patriotic ink.

    25. This guy rocking an epic look.

    26. This guy chugging a bottle of vodka via a watermelon.

    27. And of course this guy, the most Strayan Australian ever.

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