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    33 Reasons The Outback Is Off The Hook

    Red earth, blue sky, spectacular stars. Worth any trip.

    1. Some places make you feel really, really small.

    2. And outback Australia is packed with awe-inspiring sights – like the towering rock walls of Trephina Gorge in the East MacDonnell Ranges. Photo: @ozyroadtripper.

    3. The soaring, original flying kangaroo.

    4. Nature's balancing act, The Devils Marbles.

    5. How big? Massive mate! Photo: @barrycastley.

    6. Like, WTF?! Photo: @emmaclaire90.

    7. The Outback Chandelier.

    8. SRSLY?!!! No light pollution in the Tanami Desert. Photo: @taste_for_travel.

    9. The landscape itself is a work of art. Photo: @chrisdalton.

    10. The Barkly Tablelands, world's most spectacular cattle country. Photo: @paularnoldphotography.

    11. Ships of the Desert, Uluru. Photo: @_lojo17.

    12. Henley on Todd Regatta, Alice Springs: no water, no worries! Photo: @hm_weir.

    13. Red dirt.

    14. Truly REMARKABLE red dirt! Photo: @emma_pearson.

    15. Spectacular sand dunes. Photo: @lifeintheslowlane.

    16. Stretching seemingly forever.

    17. So the outback is flat right? Nope!

    18. Standley Chasm, West MacDonnell Ranges. Photo: @maffimo.

    19. Kings Canyon, Australia's Grand Canyon.

    20. Puts the AWE into awesome!

    21. Don't miss the Rim Walk!

    22. The Rock? Nope, this is (the also stunning) Mount Conner.

    23. THE ROCK!!!!

    24. Unbelievable from dawn to dusk. Photo: @melissafindley.

    25. See?!!! Photo: @sophie_ward95.

    26. ULURUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Photo: @lebackpacker.

    27. Don't forget Kata Tjuta aka The Olgas. Photo: @cathnemo.

    28. Big Skies! Photo: @piscosescape.

    29. Firey Skies!

    30. "OUTBACK! F*CK YEAH!!!"

    31. YEAH!!!!!

    32. Leave nothing but footprints... Photo: @marniepenny.

    33. Take nothing but memories... Photo: @robungy.

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