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47 Signs You'll Only See In Australia

A collection of uniquely AUSTRALIAN signs! Featuring beer, boners and budgies.

1. The Outback Golf Course.

2. The Car Eating Cow.

3. The Boozy Pedestrian Crossing.

4. The Macca's With A Twist.

5. The Mea Culpa.

6. The Outback Waterhole.

7. The Cassowary Warning.

8. The Drink-Drive Warning.

9. The Police Warning.

10. The Speeding Excuse.

11. The Apocalypse.

12. Not The Apocalypse.

13. The Caught-Short Golfers.

14. The Celibate Outback.

15. The Freddie Mercury.

16. The Easy To Please.

17. The Friendly Beach Welcome.

18. The Unnecessary Warning.

19. The Death Foretold.

20. The Aussie Gazpacho.

21. The No Brainer.

22. The Bar Rules.

23. The Party Out Back.

24. The Very Cold Beer.

25. The Quickie Yard Sale.

26. The Ingenious Special.

27. The Famous Aussie Burger.

28. The Change The Record.

29. The Lost Cockatoo.

30. The Lost Snake.

31. The Excitable Garden Centre.

32. The Bogan Language.

33. The Love Thy Neighbour.

34. The Population Breakdown.

35. The Honest Truth.

36. The Dodgy Coppers.

37. The Roadside Erection.

38. The Opening Hours.

39. The Hot Chicks.

40. The Dangerous Birds.

41. The Aussie Rottweiler.

42. The Naughty Pooch.

43. The Defiant Dog.

44. The Time To Skoll.

45. The Flamin' Sign!

46. The Best Of The Rest...

47. Our Wonderful Land Down Under.

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