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    Posted on 22 Apr 2015

    This Man Used A Surfboard To Rescue Horses From A Flood

    Paddles out to free horses trapped behind barbed wire.

    A concerned horse owner used a surfboard to rescue his horses from fast-rising floodwaters near Dungog, New South Wales, this morning.

    Daniel Munoz / Getty Images

    Steve Spowart donned a wetsuit to paddle out into floodwaters.

    Daniel Munoz / Getty Images

    Three people have died and more than 200,000 are without power after cyclonic storms lashed New South Wales, Australia.

    Daniel Muno / Getty Images

    Some of the Arabian horses were trapped behind barbed wire.

    Daniel Munoz / Getty Images

    And they were pretty freaked out.

    Daniel Munoz / Getty Images

    Concerned about the horses drowning, residents worked hard to free them.

    Daniel Munoz / Getty Images

    According to photographer Daniel Munoz, who shot these dramatic images, Spowart eventually led the horses to safety after cutting a gap through fencing.

    Daniel Munoz / Getty Images

    "He told me that horses instinctively follow each other," Munoz told BuzzFeed News, "and if he could get hold of one then the others would follow."

    Daniel Munoz / Getty Images

    Steve Spowart: surfer, Horse Rescuer and deadset legend.

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