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    33 Reasons Sydney Is Off The Fucking Hook

    Get out of bed in the Harbour City, and stay out till the sun goes down.

    1. Sydney, eh?

    2. Sure is pretty.

    4. This is Sam Yeldham.

    5. Last year he became a bit of a viral sensation when he took this jaw droppin' photograph of a couple on their wedding day right before a big storm hit!

    6. Since then he's been on a massive tear, taking increasingly amazing shots at sunrise and sunset, amassing almost 10,000 Instagram followers.

    7. An MTV videographer by day, Yeldham's love affair with sunrises and sunsets began by chance when he met Sydney-based Belgian timelapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte and took this pic.

    8. And he was off!

    9. Sydney, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is a fucking brilliant place to shoot amazing skies, and a big community of photographers looking for killer shots.

    10. When Sydney's sunsets go off, they go OFF.

    11. For a city of approaching five million people, it's surprisingly easy to find serenity in the centre of Sydney.

    12. Even right in the middle of the city.

    13. It's a living, breathing harbour, alive with life.

    14. One of Yeldham's favourite spots is Cremorne Point: "It's a really great view of the city, with some really nice cliff spots, and a lighthouse which makes for gorgeous sunrises."

    15. "Milson's Point is fabulous too, you can get right down to the water level really easily."

    16. "You can shoot straight into the Opera House from that side, it's a really unique view."

    17. "Mrs Macquarie's Chair of course: It's a classic."

    18. "The trick with The Chair is to go low."

    19. "Bradley's Head of course, it's my favourite shot."

    20. "You can get some amazing perspectives of the city."

    21. "There's a beach to the left of the platform which is a brilliant place to get splash shots."

    22. Ah, splash shots! Photographers have been getting low on Australia's beaches for a while, but Yeldham has made a stunning signature out of getting his camera almost into the water to capture Sydney's iconic sights.

    23. The secret to his success? "Get close to the water while simultaneously reducing the likelihood of destruction to gear."

    24. The results? AMAZING.

    26. Gorgeous, glorious Sydney.

    27. A radiant ocean of fire.

    28. Of sunsets that surprise you.

    29. Of epic fucking storms.

    30. Storms which light up the entire sky.

    31. So set your alarm kids. Get out of bed early.

    32. Hit the harbour and watch the sunrise.

    33. You won't regret it.

    Do yourself a favour, follow Sam on the Gram.

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