25 Stunning Sculptures Made From Recycled Toys

Australian artist Freya Jobbins makes amazing art with old toys. Giuseppe Arcimboldo reincarnated in the NSW bush.

1. This is Freya Jobbins.

2. The Australian artist makes portraits assembled from discarded toys and plastic parts.

Her work is inspired by Renaissance painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

“I love Giuseppe’s artworks”, Jobbins told BuzzFeed. “They were my inspiration. When I saw his paintings many years ago I became fascinated by him.”

“I love Arcimboldo’s way of using objects totally out of context to create a ‘portrait’. I love generating a range of responses to existing cultural objects (the toys) and placing them totally out of context like Giuseppe.”

3. They’re very weird. And VERY wonderful.

“People usually adore my art or are rather disturbed,” said Jobbins. “I love that, the response is so important as getting a response is what artists always search for!”

4. As well as imaginary compositions, Freya also makes portraits of some familiar faces.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

10. Australian television personality Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

11. And The Dark Knight.

12. Her portrait of former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is mesmerising.

13. Appropriately, Gillard’s nemesis, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, has a knife in his back.

14. The likeness of current Australian PM Tony Abbott is UNCANNY.

15. Jobbins has also made classical-esque busts.

16. They’re pretty disturbing.

17. WOW!

“The process starts with collecting and more collecting,” explained Jobbins.

“Searching and hunting for toys in charity shops such as Vinnies and Salvos, at garage sales, on eBay etc.”

“I’m alway searching out op shops wherever I go. I love the hunt. What is awesome is all the donations that I get from Mums who are clearing out toy boxes and Barbie collections… That’s like Christmas for me.”

18. A series of works depict classical gods. Here, Janus.

23. Medusa is MAGNIFICENT!

25. Dennis Hopper On A Plate = Delicious.

Freya’s next show is at the Red Tree Cafe in Bowral, NSW, through April and May. Details at www.freyajobbins.com

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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