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    Posted on 3 Oct 2014

    23 Times Sydney Transport Failed So Badly It Won

    Train, bus, ferry, no contest.

    1. That time the train was clearly drunk.

    2. That time the staff got a little intense.

    3. That time the ferry banned eye contact.

    4. That time a guy was swigging goon.

    5. That time the buses went disco.

    6. That time the train didn't want to train.

    (Apparently a regular occurrence)

    7. That time the guy parked his car on the line.

    8. That time a train derailed at Edgecliff and the track came through the floor of the carriage.

    9. That time Christmas came early.

    10. The day train yoga started.

    11. The night it got X-Rated on the way to Strathfield.

    12. That time the "Sex Pirate" sparked his pipe.

    13. That time the bus driver was finishing his chapter.

    14. That day Transport NSW decided to troll us.

    15. That day Sydney Trains used BitTorrent to update the displays at Town Hall.

    16. That day when a Good Samaritan was unmasked.

    17. That time the train was cock blocked.

    18. That time they drafted in Thomas the Tank Engine.

    19. That time someone forget that you should never actually sit beside another person.

    20. That time the trains almost ran on time.

    21. That time the buses promised to make you laugh.

    22. And that time when the notices didn't add up.

    23. Ah Sydney, the shit you see...

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