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    33 Creatures That Prove There Is A Glitch In The Matrix

    Giant bugs, crabs, monsters. Stay indoors.

    1. These Giant Asian Hornets, with a 1cm stinger capable of "disintegrating human tissue".

    2. This tiny yet still HORRIFIC deep sea denizen.


    3. This fox-hunting Australian wedge-tailed eagle.

    4. This catfish-eating diamondback water snake.

    5. This prehistoric monster from the Mariana Trench.

    6. This FUCKER.

    7. This GIANT salamander in Kyoto.

    8. This Madagascan Lemur.

    9. This friendly Fangtooth Moray Eel.

    10. This Venezuelan Poodle Moth. If it actually exists.

    11. Coconut Crabs, which can grow up to 1m across.

    Keep your dog indoors.

    And your trash can locked...

    12. The beautiful blobfish from the depths off Tasmania.

    13. This bird-eating bullfrog.

    14. This lizard-eating spider.

    15. Whatever type of frog this monster turns into.

    16. Whatever kind of shark this grows up to be.

    17. This two-headed Mexican whale.

    18. This sonofabitch tick. Any tick basically.

    19. The Pemba Flying Fox, wingspan 1.6m (5ft, 3in).

    20. These aquatic parasites.

    21. This scaleless snake who suddenly got shy.

    22. This sea urchin aka The Portal To Hell.

    23. This pit of snakes.

    24. This mouse living up a horse's nose.

    25. This deceptively cheery-looking brain-eating amoeba.

    26. This bug-eyed big headed New Guinean caterpillar.

    27. The INSANITY that is this Doll's Eye poisonous plant.

    28. These silk worms: "Think I'll walk today."

    29. Australia's bird-eating Golden Orb Spiders.

    30. This gobbling goblin shark.

    31. The giant weta (largest insect in the world).

    32. This friendly Vampire Bat.

    33. And this Sphinx Cat you probably don't want to stroke.

    Truly, Aliens Live On Earth