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Stop What You Are Doing And Look At These Slittens

Sloths + kittens = your new favourite animal.

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The slittens were created by West Australian graphic designer Rachel Aslett.

Twitter: @wideide

Rachel told BuzzFeedOz: "Sloths and kittens are the most exciting things on the internet, so it just made sense. Last year I made Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls. It's exciting to create something in your spare time and have people go crazy about it."

"People get so obsessed about cute things. I've had so many messages from around the world since the site went live. People saying things like 'OMG this is my life'. Some people actually think they're real too, which is pretty funny."

The owner of an Australian Bulldog-Mastiff cross, Rachel is more of a dog than cat person. She also spent some time working on Rottness Island, home of the quokka, which makes her pretty much the coolest person in the universe.