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15 Sizzling Hot Pictures Of Australia’s Fittest Firefighters

After tackling intense bushfires, NSW's heroic fireies have another vital mission.

1. Say G'day to the firefighters of New South Wales.

2. They're ready for all emergencies.

3. The boys keep buff with team exercise sessions.

4. Bonding trips atop Sydney's tallest buildings.

5. And stripping down to their fireman's pants at every opportunity to raise money for The Children’s Burns Unit.

Yes, that's right. Topless firefighters. Racing.

(Don't worry, they use sun protection)

6. Each year, NSW fireies strip for the Firefighters Calendar, donating all proceeds to the burns unit at Westmead Children's Hospital. / Via Facebook: nswfirefighterscalendar

Calendar first-timer Mick from Freshwater in front of the Sydney Opera House.

7. Earlier this year they handed over a $51,122 cheque with money raised from their 2013 Calendar. / Via Facebook: nswfirefighterscalendar

Jed from Shell Harbour with a 38mm fire hose and nozzle.

8. They've raised more than $200,000 in total so far. / Via Facebook: nswfirefighterscalendar

Calendar virgin Michael from the Central Coast at Penrith's Museum of Fire.

9. The fireman raise all funds in spare time off duty. / Via Facebook: nswfirefighterscalendar

Adam from Richmond in an old brick yard where he used accelerant to start a fire.

10. They never reveal their surnames or stations because their female fans can be very enthusiastic. / Via Facebook: nswfirefighterscalendar

Marty is ready to escape his suitors at the Museum of Fire.

11. Horses love them too. / Via Facebook: nswfirefighterscalendar

Man and beast in perfect harmony.

12. Even lions are impressed.

Facebook: nswfirefighterscalendar

Lion: "wow, check out those abbs!"

Babies love the fireies.

And their mates in other services are big fans too.

13. So it's no surprise they're popular with the ladies.

Their Facebook page is full of saucy suggestions.

Facebook: nswfirefighterscalendar

"My house is on fire can you please send these two NOW... Think I'd prefer them to light my fire instead of putting it out... Ladies, call 911, I think I'm on fire..."

14. The boys are happy to give guys a hand too!

15. What are you waiting for? Buy a calendar now!

Facebook: nswfirefighterscalendar

To purchase the 2014 Firefighters Calendar and support The Children's Burns Unit, visit

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