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30,000 Schoolies Having The Best Week Of Their Lives

Australian high school leavers have begun a week of wild celebrations. School's Out Forever! Slightly NSFW.

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1. Yes!

2. Oh yes!


4. After 18 years, the big moment has arrived.

5. A week of relaxing and reminiscing.

6. A week anything can happen and usually does...

7. School's Out Forever: Schoolies Here We Come!


9. From across Australia, the P Platers pilgrimage.

10. Packing only essentials...

11. Heading to The Promised Land.

12. More excited than they've ever been.

13. Ready to drink like they've never drunk before.

14. And have The Best Party Of Their Lives!!!

Via Instagram: @redfrogsau

15. As news gets round, locals quit town...

16. The Schoolies Are Here: and they're ready to PAAAAAARTY!!!

17. They've packed sensibly.

18. Got their onesies...

(As ridiculous as possible)

19. And cashed in their hard-saved loose change.

"Just a bit of loose change I've been collecting since grade eight #schooliesmonnay$$$ #schoolies"
Instagram: @rachstringfellow

"Just a bit of loose change I've been collecting since grade eight #schooliesmonnay$$$ #schoolies"

20. Every fridge on the Gold Coast is packed to capacity...

21. Every. Single. Fridge.

22. Every flat surface has been put to good use.

23. "Moderation" is not in the schoolie vocabulary.

24. They'll try anything once.

25. Including flashing breasts in public.

Instagram: @andrew_borger

26. No wonder parents are worried.

27. Some serious drinking is being done.

Instagram: @emmaaaaa_b

28. Anyone for Beer Pong?

29. Penis Straws?

30. Dress code = As Much Flesh As Possible

31. There is no limit to how low necklines can go...

32. For many, clothing is apparently optional.

33. Boys are taking bromances to whole new levels.

34. Guys just want to get naked.

35. Stay safe on those balconies folks!

36. And keep shenanigans sensible.

Instagram: @tcallag

37. An army of volunteers are watching out for the revellers.

38. All police leave is cancelled.

39. Thanks guys, you're the best!

40. Stay safe schoolies X

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