Runaway Buffalo Bring Sydney To Standstill

Animals escape film set and head to university. Work getting in way of study.

1. Two water buffalos have stopped traffic on one of Sydney’s busiest streets.

April Felman / Via Twitter: @a_felman

2. They weren’t stopping at red lights.

3. Local radio were on the story quickly.

4. Eyewitnesses reported that they were heading towards the city.

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5. Newtown residents were pretty blasé.

6. But the media went into overdrive.

If anyone's in #Newtown right now, and has seen these water #buffalo that are apparently on the loose, please get in touch. We need answers.

— Junkee (@junkeedotcom)

7. Within minutes the news was trending.

'buffalo' is now trending in #Sydney

— Trendsmap Sydney (@TrendsSydney)

8. First just in Sydney, then across the nation.

Newtown Buffalo, @newtownbuffalo is now trending in Australia

— Trends Australia (@TrendsAustralia)

9. Buffalo spotter April Felman heard a rumour the runaways had escaped from a film set.

hey @Samsung do these buffalo belong to you? i saw them on #KingSt #newtown

— Red Door Productions (@a_felman)

10. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened.

One of my first ever news stories for SMH was about an escaped buffalo in 2009:

— Nick Evershed (@NickEvershed)

11. Almost a regular occurrence.

Water buffaloes running wild in Sydney? Not the first time a water buffalo has taken to the streets:

— Trove (@TroveAustralia)

12. Some people worried how best to share the news.

There's no emoji for water buffalo, so I can't fully explain this Newtown thing to anyone under the age of 25.

— ABCnewsIntern (@ABCnewsIntern)

13. Others thought it might be a stunt.

10 bucks says that the Newtown Water Buffalo is another stunt by Nandos. Tomorrow we eat their new Buffalo Burger.

— Marc Fennell (@marcfennell)

14. Soon the buffalo had a Twitter account.

Dressed like this in Newtown. Didn't think anyone would notice. #newtownbuffalo #youthinkilookweird

— Newtown Buffalo (@NewtownBuffalo)

15. And were taking part in the latest internet crazes.

#newtownbuffalo #nomakeupselfie

— Newtown Buffalo (@NewtownBuffalo)

16. Eventually, puffed out, they stopped for a rest.

Interesting sight in a Newtown front yard. They look at home, no? Fireys and wranglers trying to get them home.

— Damien Smith (@DamienSmith_7)

17. Making a great excuse for anyone skipping work.

WILD INNER-WEST: Sorry boss I won't be in today... there's..ah.. buffalo in my frontyard...?

— 7 News Sydney (@7NewsSydney)

18. Eventually the buffalo were cornered.

UPDATE #Camperdown: #FRNSW #firefighters using ladders & f/fighting equipment to corral water buffalo in a makeshift pen at Carrillion Ave.

— Fire & Rescue NSW (@FRNSW)

19. Firefighters considered their next move carefully.

.@FRNSW cornering two water buffalo which stormed off a television commercial set in #Sydney's inner west. #9News

— Nine News Sydney (@9NewsSyd)

20. Discussed their options.

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21. And decided the best thing to do was send in a man in a cowboy hat.

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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