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21 Pictures That Will Make Zero Sense To Non-Australians

When your socks looked like this.

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1. When this freaked you the fuck out.

2. When joining this squad was your major life goal.

3. When this guy was your BFF.

4. When these guys were your relationship goals.

5. When you learned life lessons in the back of a van.

6. When this was your education each week.

7. When you raced home to watch this because you were a massive nerd.

8. When this disaster made you cry.

9. When you "accidentally" squirted these on your mate.

10. When you accepted that these are all chips.

11. When you spent a fortune on Paddle Pops to try and win Lick A Prize.

12. When you spent your $2 on green frogs and had nothing to put in your Dollarmites account.

13. When you could only make it half-way through one of these.

14. When a party was never an actual party without one of these.

15. When these were savagely ripped away from us.

16. When this school bag was cool.

17. When sports shoes looked like this.

18. When your socks looked like this.

19. When Amy Parks reported from AAMI Park.

20. When Eric Bana starred in his greatest role.

21. And "The Voice" was all about John Farnham.