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35 Australian People Problems

Aussies live in The Lucky Country. Mostly.

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1. Thong tan lines.

2. Crocs tan lines.

3. Crocs in the swimming pool.


4. Thongs left in the car.


5. Thongs sticking to bitumen.

6. Sunburn. On Christmas Day.

7. More extreme than extreme fire danger.

8. Just the heat generally.

9. Wolf spiders on the wing mirrors.

10. +1's in banana bags.

11. Being treated like an idiot by the government.


12. Fractions, Coles style.


13. This daylight robbery.


14. This horrific turn of events.


15. What $6 worth of chips gets you.

16. Virgin Australia's cheese-to-cracker ratio.

17. Headache pill prices that give you a headache.

18. Australian sport logic.


19. Peak hour traffic.

20. Oversize loads on outback roads.

21. Getting traction in the car park.

22. Hitchhikers.


23. Scary hitchhikers.


24. One or two flies.

25. Sharks stealing Frisbees.

26. Sharks on the beach

27. Goddamn tiny prawns.

28. Boozy lorikeets.

29. The most devastating combined air and ground offensive known to man.

30. Untamable local wildlife.

31. Fun facts that aren't fun.

32. Slow news days.

33. The state of reality TV.

34. Telstra engineers.


35. The internet, as viewed from Australia.