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    22 May 2014

    39 Pictures That Prove Bondi Beach Is Heaven On Earth

    Surf photographer Eugene Tan has hit the beach every morning for 13 years. He's caught a few special moments.

    1. Eugene Tan is the man behind Aquabumps, a daily email dedicated to early morning beach life.

    2. Originally from Western Australia, he lives in Sydney with his wife Debbie and sons Jet and Spike (Spike not pictured). They've been described as Bondi's Most Beautiful Family!

    3. Eugene has been hauling himself out of bed an hour before sunrise every day for 13 years.

    4. It's not hard to see why.

    5. His daily email newsletter depicts images of waves, surfers, swimmers, sunrises and whatever else happens down the beach every weekday morning.

    6. He has 100,000 fans on Facebook, 40,000 friends on Instagram and 44,000 people subscribed to his daily newsletter.

    7. Including 11-time surf world champion Kelly Slater.

    8. Uge lives and works in Bondi Beach, Australia's most famous stretch of sand.

    9. He's Bondi's greatest ambassador.

    10. He shoots Bondi and surrounding beaches every morning, capturing some incredible sunrises.

    11. Early birds get the worm right?

    12. If you ever need an incentive to get out of bed a little earlier, Mr Aquabumps provides it.

    13. With light like this why would anyone stay in bed?

    14. World's Best Bus Stop?

    15. After years shooting his favourite beaches, Eugene captures their unique personalities like no one else.

    16. This is stand-up-paddleboarder Charlotte Piho.

    17. She literally walks on water. And does yoga too!

    18. Flying Yoga Lady.

    19. One handed Superman.

    20. And The Surfing Santa.

    21. But always Bondi's spectacular sunrises.

    22. Be careful if you're calling in sick to go surfing though. Eugene's camera is always on.

    23. Of course, he doesn't just shoot sunrises. He captures Bondi Beach in all its glory. On the busiest day of summer...

    24. ...and the quietest, coldest winter morning.

    25. When the surf's up.

    26. And when it's flat as a pancake.

    27. Above the water.

    28. Under the water.

    29. On the edge of the water.

    30. Flirting with the surface.

    31. And in between.

    32. Even when he's on vacation he's up early. Sunrises are addictive. This is Hawaii.

    33. This is Dunedin in New Zealand.

    34. Lorne in Victoria.

    35. So, in summary: every day Eugene Tan shoots above and below the pristine water just 10km from the centre of a city with 4.5 million residents.

    36. Capturing moments like this.

    37. And this.

    38. And this. He has the best job in the world.

    39. If this doesn't make you get up early, nothing will!

    PS: Aquabumps have a book out.