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    35 People Who Should Be Banned From Using The Internet Forever

    Sometimes people and technology just don't mix.

    1. The guy who's gawn.

    2. All these geniuses.

    3. This embarrassed American.

    4. This disgusted Onion reader.

    5. And this one...

    6. This genius.

    7. This Geography major.

    8. This cold biologist.

    9. This music student.

    10. This Wikipedia enthusiast.

    11. These gaming geniuses.

    12. This day dreamer.

    13. This knight in shining armor after his friend has her haircut.


    14. This multilingual YouTuber.

    15. This music fan who has spent too long in the space time continuum.

    16. This victim of racial discrimination.

    17. This angry, bitter person.

    18. This confused Republican.

    19. This very heavy sleeper.

    20. This early adaptor.

    21. This guy who accidentally shared his code.

    22. This over-sharing physics teacher.

    23. And this ultimate over-sharer.

    24. This kid who got rumbled by his mom.

    25. This driver taking on the law and winning.

    26. This poignant memorial.

    27. This misinformed tweeter.

    28. This (slightly) secondhand goods saleswomen.

    29. This adventurous eater.

    30. These crazy young lovers.

    31. This curly haired camper.

    32. This boastful reader.

    33. This hard-working student.

    34. This proud Mommy moment.

    35. And this, on so many levels.

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