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21 People You Want To Avoid At All Costs

Some folk are best avoided. Via Twitter's YouHadOneJob.

1. This delivery driver taking things too literally.

2. This cop.

3. This parallel parker.

4. This person blocking the exit.

5. This UPS truck driver. But more importantly THIS GUY POSING IN A TUX WITH A MINI SEWING MACHINE.

6. This forgetful driver.

Forgot something? Maybe your brain? @ParkingWankers @YPLAC

7. This road painter.

8. And this one.

9. The BIG boss' best mate.

10. The person who thinks this is OK.

11. This take-no-prisoners white-liner.

12. This go-kart track designer.

13. This wheel alignment specialist.

14. This confused parker.

15. This person who couldn't see anything wrong with this.

16. This driver who likes to own the road.

@_youhadonejob #parkingwanker even tucked the wing mirrors in!

17. The guy who thinks this is perfectly OK.

18. This removalist.

@_youhadonejob removals company you had one job

19. This road safety engineer.

I'm not sure the Africans have figured out road safety yet. @safetycunt

20. This Royal Mail driver.

Prob been done before, but here's my debut entry for @_youhadonejob (http://t.co/PbAaPBaRcL)

21. And this jet pilot.