29 Parents You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

It’s Forgive Mom and Dad Day. Are these parents beyond redemption?

1. The mom who decided to save on babysitting.

2. The neo-Nazi trying to recruit his son.

3. The mom drying her baby on the fence.

4. The dad letting his baby touch this fence.

5. The dad who thought this was ok.

6. The parents who thought this was funny.

7. The dad experimenting with nature vs nurture.

8. The extremely adventurous parents.

9. And these dads who invented a new sport.

10. The parents trying to lull their baby to sleep.

11. The dad dropping his cargo.

12. The dangerously ambitious father.

13. The dangerously distracted dad.

14. The mom giving her son an alternative view.

16. The guy teaching his kid the importance of looking presentable.

17. The mom taking her baby for a walk.

18. The guy who brought his daughter to a bachelor party.

19. The survivalist family man.

Asked My 8yr old to fill up my water bottle for me mid-workout. He came back smiling. I swigged... he had just peed in it! #chipoffoldblock!

— Bear Grylls (@BearGrylls)

20. The mom who thought ear gauges were a good look.

21. The dad too busy snapping to get his kid a light.

22. The dad too busy giving his kid a beer to get him a light.

23. The dude encouraging his son to hit the bong.

24. And the dad who taught his kid to French inhale.

25. The mom who wanted to shop in silence.

26. The parents who tried to toughen Jnr up.

27. The mom who knew the drugs were good.

28. The mom who thought this was a good bassinet.

29. And the dad who thought this was a practicable comforter.

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