19 Truly Awesome Photos Of Australia Snapped By Astronauts

Astronauts have been blowing our minds since Chris Hadfield blasted off.

1. Sydney from Liverpool to the Heads: all photos shot from the ISS, orbiting 420km above Earth.

2. Marvelous Melbourne – the ISS circumnavigates the Earth once every 92 minutes or so!

3. Coastline with fire, Western Australia.

4. Botany Bay and the Eastern Suburbs.

5. The Yarra bisecting Melbourne.

6. Earth curving over coastal WA.

#Wildfires along the spectacular western #Australia coastline.

— Reid Wiseman (@astro_reid)

7. Milingimbi Island, Northern Territory.

The Australian North Coast. Airport Milingimbi. Milingimbi Island. #ISS HQ in blog #BlueDot http://t.co/tZHUs4n84P

— Oleg Artemyev (@OlegMKS)

8. Perth at night.

I’m 90% sure this is one of my favorite towns. #Perth at night.

— Reid Wiseman (@astro_reid)

9. Storm system over WA.

Trying to catch Perth at sunset, got these clouds instead. I’ll take it.

— Reid Wiseman (@astro_reid)

10. Reid Wiseman has a crush on Perth.

Goodnight to my friends in Perth, Australia. I miss you all!

— Reid Wiseman (@astro_reid)

11. East coast from Mackay to Rockhampton, Queensland.

Earth Paints – Australia’s East Coast #ISS see blog http://t.co/aMTxqadTrf

— Oleg Artemyev (@OlegMKS)

12. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland.

13. The World’s Biggest Living Organism dazzles from Space.

#Earth #Paints – Great Barrier Reef near #Australia’s East Coast more in blog #ISS #BlueDot http://t.co/WWxlnG1GO4

— Oleg Artemyev (@OlegMKS)

15. Outback mine, Queensland.

16. Isolated coastline, Northern Territory.

This will go in my living room. Australia’s north shore.

— Reid Wiseman (@astro_reid)

17. Wildfires in the Northern Territory.

Лесные пожары в Австралии с #МКС подр. в блоге (Wildfires in Australia #ISS detail blog) http://t.co/Npb8EmOV2f

— Oleg Artemyev (@OlegMKS)

18. Arnhem Land coastline, NT.

Краски Земли Северное побережье Австралии #МКС см. блог (Australian North Coast det/ in blog) http://t.co/sshRbEPXEO

— Oleg Artemyev (@OlegMKS)

19. Mermaid, Clerke and Imperieuse Reefs, approximately 300 km off Broome, Western Australia.

Three friends out for a walk in the vast #Pacific

— Reid Wiseman (@astro_reid)

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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