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23 Times Brisbane Was The Classiest

Stay classy Brissy. NSFW because Brissy.

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1. This beautiful father/son moment in the Valley.

2. This notice on the Brisbane Hotel's broken dunny.

3. This response to Campbell Newman's bikie crackdown.

4. This guy threatening his neighbour via chalkboard.

5. This West End humourist.

6. This West End school sign.

7. And this validation of Queensland's education system.

8. This important observation.

9. This QUT toilet cubicle.

10. This rebel with a cause.

11. This CityCycle lost property.

12. This highly imaginative graffitist.

13. This council worker messing with your head.

14. This classy ride.

15. This guy flashing the cash.

16. This swanky new Translink signage.

17. This person too tired to take the stairs.

18. This mattress in need of a new home.

19. This fine view of Bowen Hills.

20. This dig at Starbucks.

21. These offensive wheels.

22. This full moon.

23. And this baby, named by 4chan.