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Newspaper Has An Absolute Shocker

Australia's illustrious Financial Review prints "World Is Fukt" on its front page. Editor apologises for "extremely bad result."

One of Australia's most prestigious newspapers, the Financial Review, has printed an error-strewn edition.

The front page included dummy headlines, empty space, "three lines to come here", Gallipoli misspelt (twice), and the subhead "World Is Fukt".

A passion for punctuation indeed!?!

The Anzac Day edition is on sale for three days, compounding the AFR's agony. #BringBackTheSubs

The "World Is Fukt" headline presumably referred to yesterday's announcement that Australia's government is buying 58 joint strike fighters at a cost of $24 billion.

AFR editor apologises to WA readers for ‘World is Fukt’ front page - mUmBRELLA http://t.co/EHevRFOjQU

Australian Financial Review Editor Michael Stutchbury apologised to readers in Western Australia, where the edition was accidentally sent to press.

The hashtag #worldisfukt was soon trending.

#worldisfukt is now trending in Australia http://t.co/P15oTtFddX

Readers saw the funny side.

AFR is my new hero. Finally, journalism that tells it like it is #WorldIsFukt

That is clearly going to be the best selling edition of the Fin ever. #worldisfukt

Ahaha it’s real and I have a copy #finreview #WorldIsFukt. Hope person responsible survives - this is very amusing.

I think "World is Fukt" should be entered into the #Walkleys for best headline.

On all fairness, 'World is Fukt' is a pretty accurate headline for almost any story

What exactly was issue with AFR cover? #worldisfukt sentiment seems ok, if dubious spelling. Empty lines for Hockey's speech is rather apt.