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30 Natural Phenomena You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Earth is more bizarre than you can ever imagine. Inspired by this Reddit thread.

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22. Undulatus asperatus aka "roughened or agitated waves": This cloud formation has been proposed as a separate cloud classification by the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society and would be the first new type of cloud recognised since 1951.

25. Bioluminescent waves on a beach in the Maldives: Various species of phytoplankton are known to bioluminesce; when washed ashore by the tides, their chemical energy is turned into light energy.

Special mention: The Moskstraumen is a tidal whirlpool, one of the strongest in the world, that forms in the Norwegian Sea*.

Flickr: 21326292@N00 / Nicolas Massé / Creative Commons

*Note: This may not actually be a picture of the Moskstraumen— they're difficult to take! If you have one, please post in the comments below!

An earlier version of this post did not properly cite the source of information relating to Monarch butterfly migrations.

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