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Definitive Proof That Australia Is The Smartest Nation On Earth

Nation of smarty pants.

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1. This Millionaire Hot Seat meltdown.

2. This nerd test fail.

3. This perfectly positioned advert.

4. This time travelling telco.

5. This no brainer.

6. This cracking deal.

7. This headache reliever.

8. This very sensible precaution.

9. This Antiques Roadshow discovery.

10. This back to school special.

11. This definitive proof of the superiority of Australia's education system.

12. This proof that Australians are responsible travellers.

13. This fabulous front page.

14. This free cottage cheese.

15. This case of mistaken identiy.

16. This man's insatiable desire for power.

17. This woman's understanding of Australia's political system.

18. This. Does. Not. Compute.

19. And this proof that nothing beats Queensland.