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23 Pictures That Prove Australia's Clouds Are The Craziest

The blue sky country is very occasionally grey.

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1. This absolute insanity over Brissy.

2. This Imperial Star Destroyer menacing Sydney.

3. This triple whammy on the Gold Coast.

4. This bad boy bossing Brissy.

5. This craziness over Coolum on the Sunshine Coast.

6. The beautiful power of this Bendigo lightning storm.

7. This hat-trick of waterspouts off Port Macquarie.

8. This extraordinary sight over Melbourne's Eastern Freeway.

9. This glorious skygasm above Ocean Grove, Victoria.

10. This memorable day at the beach.

11. This tsunami over Toowoomba.

12. This stunning sunset.

13. This perfect end to the day on the edge of the Nullarbor Plain.

14. The eerie beauty of a bushfire sunset.

15. This bad boy.

16. Watch out Perth!

17. Sometimes clouds actually enhance the view.

18. See?

19. Wow Geelong.

20. Yep Mount Eliza!

21. This sun setting over Queensland's west coast.

22. This fabulous finale.

23. And this glorious powder puff carpet.