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55 Times This Star Chef's Sneaker Obsession Was Out Of Control

The chef behind Mr Wong, El Loco and Ms. G's has a trainer obsession.

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1. This is Sydney chef Dan Hong.

2. The hottest chef in Australia, 90% of @hongsta_gram's Instafeed is food porn – the sauciest you have ever salivated over.

3. The other 10%? His twin obsessions, daughter Namira and a dazzling variety of sneakers.

4. A girl can never have too many shoes right?

5. Outrageously good kicks young lady.

So, without further ado, here's definite proof that Dan Hong has the best sneaker game in Australia. Evidence?

6. His Nike Kobe 9 Premiums – better than your Nikes right?

8. 20th anniversary classics.

11. Amazing Adidas ZX Flux.

14. Out of this world styles!

16. Just...

(Nike Air Lunarrestoas)

17. Insane...

(Asics Gel Lyte Wildfires)

18. Kicks...

(Nike Camo Lunarrestoas)

19. The more insane the better: here Nike Flyknit HTMs.

23. Nike Huarache Ultramarines.

25. Nike Flyknit Free HTMs.

26. Nike HTMs in a bewildering variety of styles.

30. Asic Gel Lyte III Coves.

32. In every shade under the sun.

33. This man LOVES HIS NIKES!

34. And let's be honest, what's not to like?

But as benefits a man behind not one but three brilliant restaurants, Dan Hong is not a one brand man. Witness...

36. Asic Gel Lytes III's in mint leaf.

38. Asics Patta Sagas (with Amsterdam laces!)

40. He's particularly fond of New Balance.

41. Particularly New Balance 1500s.

42. In every variety under the sun.

46. New Balance 1500 Blackbeards.

48. New Balance 1500 Colette 2s.

51. New Balance Beaterz 1500BWRs.

53. Occasionally he pushes the envelope even further. Evidence: New Balance M576FRAs.

54. New Balance 996 Revlites.

55. He's got a damn good sock game too.

Dan Hong ladies and gentlemen. King of Kicks.