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28 Things You Only Understand If You Live Far Away From Your Mother

"Miss you? OF COURSE I miss you."

1. Mother's Day without your mother is the WORST.

2. Closely followed by her birthday and your birthday.

3. Not to mention Christmas. Christmas is agony.

4. If you’re too broke to visit regularly – or she lives in another state, country or continent – then you feel like the worst child ever pretty much every day.

5. However much she tells you the distance doesn’t matter you know it does.

6. However often you talk, it's not face time.

7. You really miss hanging out tbh.


9. You miss her so much it hurts :(

10. If you haven’t seen her for a few months you get massive Mother Withdrawal Symptoms.

11. Sometimes this manifests itself in actually ignoring her, because chatting makes you feel worse.

12. This makes you a terrible child. But you know that.

13. Because you'll never forget that agonising look when you said you were moving away.

14. Or the day she waved you off.

15. You were so EXCITED!

16. You felt big and grown-up for about 48 hours.

17. And then you were like: “WUT?!”

18. You were all alone, thousands of miles from home.

19. You spent your entire childhood yearning for independence and now: "Help me please!"

20. Truth is, distance is a bitch, and most of the time phones only make things worse.

21. Because when you’re feeling sad and lonely, you really wish your mother could be in the same room.

22. Then you hear she's coming to visit and OMFG!

23. You get weirdly nervous that you’ll cry when you see her.

24. And of course you do but you don't give a fuck.

25. Yes, you're a grown adult crying in public. SO WHAT?!

26. Being back together, even for a short time, is the best feeling ever.

27. Because a mother's love is the best love.