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    The 14 Most Fair Dinkum Tattoos Known To Man

    If you're getting a tat, make it patriotic. That's the Australian way.

    1. The Aussie Pride. Fair Dinkum mate.

    With bonus points for native wildlife.

    Aussie Pride, Roo, Emu AND Ned Kelly = GOLD

    2. The Made In Australia.

    The dirtier the better.

    3. The Southern Cross.

    4. About as Aussie as it gets.

    Goes great with a baggy green*

    And with native wildlife bling.

    5. The Australian Made.

    No pain, no gain.

    With Eureka, Flag, Cross and Pride bonuses. Onya.

    6. The Australia Combo.

    Typically spotted at the beach.

    7. The Boxing Kangaroo.

    With bonus Southern Cross.

    Bonza mate.

    8. The Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

    9. The Beer Homage.

    10. The Coat of Arms.

    Fishing rods included.


    11. The Australian Icon.

    Any icon acceptable.

    As long as it's 100 percent Aussie.

    12. The Nation.

    Always beautiful.

    Always massive.

    13. The Ned Kelly.

    The wilder the better.


    14. Most Aussie of all: The Bogan Special.