23 Uniquely Australian Status Updates

The moment Pitbull’s tour was cancelled. And other proud Aussie updates.

23. This spectacular suggestion.

22. This thoughtful post.

19. This friendly reminder.

18. This classic Australian love story.

17. This update from Nyngan Police.

16. And this spider story.

15. This explanation of Daylight Savings.

14. This healthy Mother’s Day Special.

13. The moment this guy got his P plates.

12. This proud moment.

11. This call for more Australian TV coverage.

10. And this one.

8. This post to Vodafone Australia.

7. This job application.

6. This rationale argument.

5. This romantic tale.

4. This response to the police.

3. Pretty much everything ever posted by QPS.

2. This hastily deleted tweet.

1. And when Vegemite smashed Marmite as Australia reclaimed The Ashes.

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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