The 33 Most Australian Moments Ever

The Vegemite Jumper. The Bundy Pyramid. Most Aussie moments of all time.

33. When this guy opened his 50th birthday present.

32. When this kangaroo got lost at the airport.

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31. When this ute became an Esky.

30. When this frog ate a snake.

29. When Michelle warmed up.

28. When the TV-caption guy cut loose.

27. When these two shook on it…

26. And when these two chilled out.

25. When this koala flashed his nuts.

24. When Steve Irwin barely flinched.

23. When this sticker was spotted…

22. And this one…

21. And this patriotic style point.

20. When this ad hit the streets.

19. This infamous day.

18. This parking meter incident…

17. And when this guy checked under the toilet seat.

16. This shot on the golf course…

15. This epic catch…

14. And when this record was set.

13. The day this great debate began…

12. The time this P Plater was spotted at 7:00 a.m. on a Monday morning…

11. This ingenious way to cool off.

10. This Dick Smith Valentine’s Day ad.

9. This TV listing.

8. This Queensland Police Service training day fail…

7. This breaking news situation…

6. And when this guy jumped into a croc-infested swamp to escape.

5. This librarian’s rearranging…

4. This Spotlight advertising…

3. This Bundy Pyramid…

2. This rescue mission…

1. And the unforgettable moment someone found TWO Freddo frogs in one packet. Miracles happen.

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