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19 Epic Pictures Of The Monster Thunderstorm That Shook Sydney

A massive thunderstorm rolled across Sydney. Photos were snapped.

1. A huge storm has rolled over Sydney.

2. It was EPIC.

3. The storm came in from the south over the airport.

4. It menaced Maroubra.

5. It menaced Bondi.

6. Beach goers watched in awe.

7. The eastern suburbs looked very moody.

8. "Spectacular would be an obscene understatement."

9. It kind of looked like the apocalypse had arrived.

10. The storm moved fast towards the city centre.

11. Within minutes it was over the CBD.

12. Everything went eerily dark.

13. Really spookily dark.

14. Wow, what a storm.

15. Like a wave breaking over Manly.

16. Was this the end of the world? (No.)

Guys in the Sydney office took this pic of the storm. Looks bad #SydneyStorm

17. But it was pretty damn impressive.

18. Aren't we lucky so many people have cameras?

19. Aussie storms we love you so!