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    19 Animals Who Are So Over Mondays

    "Mondays are great" – no one, ever.

    1. "Naaaaa mate, not happening."

    2. "Just. Hit. Snooze."

    3. "Really don't think I can make it today."

    4. "Surely I'm not the only one struggling this morning?"

    5. "Just five more minutes please..."

    6. "Over it already!"

    7. "Maybe I'll just chill."

    8. "Talk to the paw."

    9. "Doing it tough."

    10. "Cuddles are the best way to start Monday, amirite?"

    11. "Theory. Work is over-rated."

    12. "Just holding out for the weekend."

    13. "What do you mean I'm sleeping on the job?!"

    14. "Waking up is tiring work."

    15. "Really happy where I am tbh."

    16. "Monday? Meh."

    17. "Sorry, can't face going anywhere."

    18. "BRB, just going back to bed."

    19. "DONE"