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    Updated on 17 Aug 2020. Posted on 13 Mar 2014

    17 Maps Of Australia That Will Make Your Mind Boggle

    Australia is a REALLY big country. Seriously.

    1. Australia is big. REALLY big.


    Postcard / Via

    3. Australia overlapped onto North America.

    4. One Big Island!

    5. NSW compared to Texas.

    6. Western Australia compared to Europe.

    7. Northern Territory compared to Alaska.

    8. Queensland compared to Quebec.

    9. Only 2% of Australia's population lives in the yellow area.

    10. Australia's population density.

    11. Operational mines: no prizes for guessing Australia's biggest industry.

    Geoscience Australia

    12. Dingo fence, the world's longest fence.

    13. Australia shrinks in world map adjusted for population size (1 grid square = 1 million people)

    14. Size comparison of Greenland and Australia.

    15. Uluru (Ayers Rock) compared to Central Park, Manhattan.

    16. The Great Barrier Reef compared to Europe.

    17. Australia. A lot larger than you think*


    * It's actually even bigger than this Mercator scale GIF makes it appear.

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