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Australia’s Most Dangerous Creature Will Surprise You

Shark? Snake? No contest. Meet the most lethal predator menacing Australia.

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Christina Lu / BuzzFeed

Australia is home to Earth’s deadliest snakes and spiders. So what’s the most fearsome critter?

Red Back Spider?

Peter Waters /

Great White Shark?

Alexius Sutandio /

Inland Taipan?


No contest. This is Australia’s most lethal predator.

Roger Bieschke / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: throughgodslens

The Original Angry Bird.


See? Vicious.


Always on the hunt for unprotected flesh.

So dangerous that people drive to the shops rather than risk their wrath.


Hide in their homes until they are gone.

Andrew Culverston / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: andyroo64

Or wear cycle helmets to combat the threat.

Even vegans are in danger.

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Vicious. Evil. B*stards.

Do. Not. Stop.

Watch out for warning signs.

You'll see them in every city.

Neal Jennings / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: sweetone

No one is safe.

Do. Not. Eat. In. Their. Presence.

For the love of God, do not feed them!

Michael Jefferies / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ogcodes

Surrender your beer.

Emptybelly / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: emptybelly

Surrender your food...

..and your pet's food.

Dan Gordon / Via Flickr: tubagooba

Watch the skies!

Don Shearman / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: donshearman

If all else fails, attach a steel nut to a piece of string.

Actually, don't do that. Despite all the aggro, magpies are still our mates. And sometimes (particularly in a heatwave) we're all they've got.