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23 Surreal Vines That Don't Seem Possible

Aussie graphic designer Tee Ken Ng is stretching the boundaries of the WOW!

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1. 3-D Selfie!

2. Diving In.

3. Ghost Writer.

4. Hands Free!

5. Beatles Brilliance.

6. Joy Division Magic.

7. Powerful Words.

8. Tilting At Windmills.

9. Perfect Storm.

10. Portable Body Telescope.

11. Return Flight.

12. The Procrastinator.

13. Getting Shredded.

14. High Chair.

15. Touchdown. How?!

16. Floating Bucket.

17. Bucketing Down.

18. Camera Obscura.

19. Surreal Flight.

20. Calligraphy Fly By.

21. Sleight Of Vine.

22. Intellectual Selfie.

23. Tee's First Vine: he's pretty good right?!


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