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    Definitive Proof That Australia Loves Tony Abbott

    Remember Britain's election? POLLS LIE.

    1. You've probably noticed that Australia LOVES leader Tony Abbott.

    In the latest polls, the prime minister's approval rating is 36%. Killing it, Tone!

    2. The PM is a social media sensation.

    3. Massively popular at the ABC.

    4. A hero at Sky News.

    5. Winning Australia's respect around the world.

    6. Giving Australia a voice at the table.

    7. He's super popular in Germany too.

    8. Mr Abbott is leading the fight for marriage equality.

    9. Actively campaigning for Australia wherever he goes.

    10. Popular images of him line the streets.

    11. He's universally loved.

    (Unlike some of his mates.)

    12. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Some people just hate winners.

    13. See? Google knows.

    14. When he's not making persuasive cases for his policies....

    15. And representing women...

    16. The PM also finds time to act in musical comedies.

    17. Star in Star Trek.

    As a Ferengi, "a race characterized by a mercantile obsession with profit and trade".

    18. And leave Valentine's Day messages for his crush.

    19. Mr Abbott is particularly popular with young Australians.

    20. His approval ratings with teenagers are off the charts.

    21. His reintroduction of knights and dames after 18 years proved to be massively popular.

    22. His adorable wink makes him Australia's No. 1 piñata.

    23. He's basically mobbed everywhere he goes.

    24. If he opened a fast-food chain, EVERYONE would eat there.

    25. Tumblr is full of jokes about Australia's beloved leader.

    26. Messages of support cover every building.

    27. The widespread dissemination of this image is a mystery.

    28. No PM in Australia's history has done more to bring the nation together.

    29. So there we have it, folks: definitive proof that Australia adores our leader.

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