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Definitive Proof That Lara Bingle Is Australia's Kim Kardashian

Mrs Sam Worthington-To-Be is a selfie obsessive.

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1. Model Lara Bingle definitely loves a selfie.

2. Occasionally she includes beau Sam Worthington.

3. Sometimes without the Avatar actor apparently realizing.

4. But most of the time, it's just Lara...

8. Really, really big hats.

9. Posing with office chairs.

11. Researching what it feels like to be a packed orange.

12. Taking off in the odd helicopter.

13. Somehow piloting while still finding time for a selfie.

14. The very occasional shoe selfie.

15. Trying out headscarves.

17. When Lara's not acting shy.

18. She loves to act all surreal like.

19. Lara loves taking shots of herself on the beach.

20. She really LOVES a beach selfie.

23. Sometimes not even bothering to snap her own head.

25. Amazingly she can hold exactly the same pose months apart. Admit it, you're impressed.

26. So what have we learned? a) Lara loves stripping down.

27. b) she understands the importance of slip, slop, slapping.

28. And, c) she and Sam appear besotted.

29. Onya Lara, you're our Instagram Queen.