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    21 Kangaroos Having A Way Worse Day Than You

    Think you're having a shocker? Spare a thought for these guys.

    1. The lovers interrupted.

    2. The camper who forgot his matches.

    3. The diner with no reservation.


    4. The diner finding an emu eating his lunch.


    5. The joey getting owned by his Mum.

    6. The gym bunny who forgot his pass.

    7. The guy getting photobombed by Paris Hilton.

    8. The guy who said "no photos".

    9. The dude with no sunnies.

    10. The pacifist being forced to box.

    11. The boxer forced to go on TV.

    Animal Planet / Via

    12. The bushwalker too exhausted to carry on.

    13. The runner taking a tumble.


    14. The cutie with the broken leg.

    15. The cutie with TWO broken legs.


    16. The boozer with a horrible hangover.

    17. The chap with a terrible itch.

    18. The chap with two terrible itches.

    19. The early-riser who forgot his surfboard.

    20. The sportsman confused for a golf ball.

    21. And the guy who dropped his ball.


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